Soaking Up The Beaches Of Paxos

One of our favourite things to do in Paxos was to go out and explore the wonderful pebble coves dotted around the island.

There is something so familiar yet so different about each of them. The water was always refreshing on a hot day and crystal clear – you couldn’t ask for more.

(Well, maybe sandy beaches – but you can’t have it all.)


We decided against renting a car and opted instead to get around the very hilly island through a combination of walking, catching buses and short taxi rides.

The locals and other tourists looked at us as though we were mad. Although it was challenging during the height of summer, it was a rewarding way to explore the island. I’m sure we lost the equivalent of our body weight in sweat, but let’s not get into that here.

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As we understandably wanted to unwind and enjoy our honeymoon, we didn’t get to visit all of the beaches around Paxos – although we certainly gave it a good crack.

Along the way, we picked up a few things that are worth knowing if you plan to visit Paxos:

  • Pebbles, pebbles everywhere. You’ll want to have some footwear that you can take into the sea with you and maybe something to sit/lay on too.
  • Only a handful of beaches have tavernas, so there won’t always be food or toilets readily available. Be prepared.
  • Shade is often limited or non-existent. Scattered olive trees provide some shelter, but it can disappear just as quickly as it comes.
  • Get there nice and early and you may well have the beach to yourself. An early start also makes the trek down to secluded beaches more enjoyable, as you’ll miss the heat of the day.

Orkos Beach

Mid point between Lakka and Loggos. No facilities. Walking required.

We ended up going a little off piste to get to this beautiful beach, as the original route had been blocked by a fallen tree.

It’s not a terribly long walk, but it has a reasonable decline with a few loose stones you’ll need to navigate around. It’s certainly worth the effort when it finally opens up in front of you.

There were a few deck chairs and paddle boards scattered in front of the rather grandiose villa, which sat on the beach front overlooking the sea. We assumed, and rightly so, that these were off limits.

What really made this beach special for us was it’s stripped back charm. There were no facilities or clutter to take away from it – just how we like it.

We found that arriving early meant we almost had the beach to ourselves. Although, it got a little busier (by Paxos standards) when we came to leave at midday.

The most amusing part was when a couple delivered a double mattress to the beachfront villa. At first we thought they’d taken it with them to avoid having to lay on the pebbles. Not going to lie, was a little envious to begin with!


Leverechio Beach

Just South of Loggos. Facilities available. Can park near.

A short 5 minute walk along the main road from the centre of Loggos, we stumbled across this charming stretch of beach.

I pretend like it was by chance, really we saw it the day before as we passed by on the local bus service home from Gaios.

We found a little rock in the far corner that was just about covered by the shade. Result! It didn’t stay that way for long, but we managed to make the most of it before we left.

It was nice that the beach had its own taverna which had provided plenty of shade for when the sun got too much. We didn’t make much use of it and instead retreated to Roxi’s Bar in Loggos to escape the hottest part of the day.

As we left, I noticed that a budding entrepreneur had a pop up massage table situated under the only tree on the beach front. It felt a little too exposed for the (somewhat overheated) Brit in me, but what a great idea.

Monodendri Beach

North of Loggos. Facilities available. Can park near.

Probably the most commercialised beach on Paxos. Having said that, it was one that we probably enjoyed the most and ended up returning to before we left .

Sometimes you just want to soak up the sun on a lounger and have drinks brought out to you. It was our honeymoon after all. There are two tavernas on this beach; Ben’s Bar and Bastas, the latter of which has its own pool overlooking the sea.

As we didn’t feel like paying for entry to the pool, we headed to the North side of the beach and grabbed a couple loungers near Ben’s Bar. We were told ahead of time that you don’t have to pay for them if you order a drink, so we did just that.

Just after midday, as we started to get hungry, we made our way up the steps to Ben’s Bar for lunch. The views over the bay below were incredible – it was just a shame that we weren’t able to sit near enough to fully enjoy them. The bar had created additional shady areas with the clever use of sun sails, allowing us to enjoy our lunch in comfort.

Lakkos Beach

Mid point between Loggos and Lakka. No facilities. Walking required.

Not to be confused with Lakka beach, which is just past Lakka (funnily enough). This beautiful secluded beach was the closest one to our villa.

Having spent the first half of the day relaxing at home, we set off on foot in the late afternoon. Not sure we had quite prepared ourselves for how steep the descent was going to be towards the end (me being in ill fitting flip flops) and can certainly see why you shouldn’t drive down in your car. It’s definitely manageable, but worth bearing in mind.

In the end, our visit to the beach turned out to be quite fleeting. Although the beach was stunning, the available shade had already been claimed and we kept picking spots with ants and spiders running a-mock.

After about 25 minutes, we made a sharp exit stage left and wandered back up to the villa to enjoy the comfort and safety (an exaggeration, I know) of the pool.

Marmari Beach

Just South of Loggos. No facilities. Walking required.

A short walk on from Leverechio beach is the wonderfully shaded Marmari beach. Several olive trees dotted along the waterfront provide ample shelter and the beach seems very popular – it’s easy to see why.

Being so close to Leverechio beach means you have facilities and food nearby, but can still enjoy being far enough away from it all.

After surviving 10 days without getting burnt I, somewhat stupidly, went against my better judgement and did not apply any sun cream. I’m sitting in the shade, why would I need it? Suffice to say, I was a lovely shade of lobster come the evening.

Considering how busy it was, it was remarkably quiet as everyone sat either reading their book or dozing in the sunshine. We could have quite easily stayed here for longer, but we (thankfully for my skins sake) had a bus to catch back home.

Until next time.


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