The Coastal Towns of Paxos; Loggos, Lakka & Gaios

Getting around Paxos without a vehicle turned out to be a lot easier than we thought. Sure, we did a lot of walking, but that was usually early in the morning and mostly downhill. We made a point to avoid walking during the hottest parts of the day.

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Once we found the local bus stops, getting around was an absolute breeze. As with most things, you just had to go with the flow. The streets were narrow, which can sometimes delay the bus if it meets an oncoming car, but they always showed up.

Don’t think I’ve ever seen a bus fit through such tight spots with such little effort (at least that’s how the driver made it look).



Certainly the smallest of the three. Best for relaxing and enjoying a quiet drink with a beautiful view.

It was a good 40 minute walk down to Loggos from our villa. That didn’t stop us making the journey several times during our stay (although it was always a taxi or bus ride back).

This was where we hired our boat, had our most expensive coffee to date and quickly became our favourite place for unwinding with a book and just watching the world go by.

Our favourite spots:

  • Roxi Bar ended up being our go to place for a coffee and milkshake. The view out back is absolutely incredible.
  • Vassilis came highly recommend and we could certainly see why. The food is fantastic and it was certainly an experience sitting on the waterfront (see video below).


More vibrant than Loggos. Best for eating out and enjoying a drink as the sun goes down.

Being the closest town to us, we often found ourselves making the journey in most days – sometimes twice. It was a rewarding, albeit unrelenting, uphill walk back to where we stayed, so we picked our timings and sometimes opted for the local bus.

We found that most restaurants in Lakka were quite similar in their offerings and quality. Towards the end of our trip we got a little more experimental and ended up eating at the majority of restaurants in the town.

Our favourite spots:

  • Akis Bar is not cheap, but the food is great and the setting is fantastic for watching the sun go down.
  • Gelatoitaliano for their incredible handmade gelato. I’m embarrassed, only slightly, by the amount of times we went there.


The largest of the three. Best for shopping, with plenty of restaurants and cafes.

We were unlucky with our first meal out in Gaios. The food was okay and the portion size was for kids with adult prices – fell for a tourist trap. It also didn’t help that the first time we went to Gaios the wind put an end to our plans for our day trip to Anti-Paxos.

Having said that, we found some lovely spots for sitting and enjoying a coffee. It was also really lovely to walk around and explore some of the shops.

Our favourite spots:

  • Capriccio have an incredible selection of interesting flavours to chose from and was our second favourite place for ice cream. Good spot for watching the boats come into the harbour too.
  • Carnayos is located slightly inland and we went there with our lovely neighbours. On a Friday night they have an all you can eat buffet for €20 a head. Great opportunity to try things you might not think of ordering.

Until next time.


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